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Visit often.  Our artists' collections change daily.  New items are created and replace those  selected by our customers.   Each of our artists has a unique point of view, creating signature pieces in his/her genre.  Some creating stunning work in multiple disciplines.  


We are dedicated to community as much as we are to our art.  So, we offer the boutique as a gathering place.  Meet here with your poetry club, or book club; your knitting group or bible study.  Small groups can reserve space regularly free of charge.  

Or, book a girls' night out with one of our wonderful artists -maybe a scarf party or a jewelry party.  Whatever your idea - just give us a call.  We want you to feel right at home.


What's on your bucket list?  Would you like to learn a little or even a lot about ... hmmm - nuno felting, or beading?  How about watercolor painting, or silk dying?  Maybe you would even enjoy making natural skin care and home care products at home?  These are just a few examples of the learning opportunities we offer at Seranya Studios Art Boutique. To see what's currently scheduled, check out our Classes & Events page.

Our Vision

Imagine, if you can,  a world without art.  A world void of art of any form whether contemporary, indie, impressionist, or even a child's refrigerator art.

We can't either.  That's why we've come together to create this boutique dedicated to the presentation of fine art and fine craft.  We offer each lovingly created piece within a space dedicated to creating a vibrant, engaging and beautiful experience to all visitors.