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Richard Rooker

I am guessing that each of you have had at least one of those art projects which you would call a “lifer”!  It was something so different from anything else you have done and was driven by some invisible Messenger.  You went into it almost blind to the task ahead yet with the confidence of spirit that this was something special.  I recently had one of those.

My Pastor came to me with an art challenge as part of the refurbishment of the entry way into the sanctuary of our large church.  Truth be told, I wasn’t sure I was up to this challenge, all other work aside, before even having an understanding of the scope of the project.  But Pastor was very persuasive and I crumbled and said ok.  Once I understood the expectations of the church, I immediately knew exactly what it is I wanted to do.  There was no agonizing over the subject matter; this is what it had to be!  The thinking process of subject was all of 15 seconds.

Now came the challenge.  I have always painted in “boxes”: rectangular canvases or paper.  But I insisted (I just knew) my paintings for this project had to be in the traditional cathedral shape (with no idea how I was going to accomplish this) and 4 feet high.  After a little engineering, here was the result in 6 steps:

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