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Microcosmic Garden; 500-pc "Velvet-Touch" Jigsaw Puzzle
Art & Fable Puzzle Company, LLC

Microcosmic Garden; 500-pc "Velvet-Touch" Jigsaw Puzzle

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500-piece velvet-touch puzzle featuring the art of R.S. Connett. Bugs and imaginary creatures are all together in this Microcosmic Garden! (The kids will love this one!) Artist; Robert Steven Connett’s beautifully realized visions of an unseen world teeming with vibrant and complex life forms, open windows into a universe that we rarely contemplate and most often simply forget exists. Microscopic biological phenomena of the natural world, within both flora and fauna, and particularly that of oceanic origins, provides Connett with bountiful inspirations and his unbridled passion and colorful imagination ensure his creations rise above the natural and inhabit a sphere somewhere between the familiar and the extraordinary. Connett masterfully brings a sumptuous and bizarre underworld into existence and prompts us to ask questions about our perceptions of the world around us and more importantly about our place within it. - WOW x WOW - Tim Maclean

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