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Holistic Wellness with Mary Grady
Seranya Studios Art Boutique

Holistic Wellness with Mary Grady

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 Three of Mary’s favorite things are:

  1. Make awesome coffee and food at The Hub Studio Café
  2. Create fun things for sale inside Seranya Studios
  3. Use her healing background teaching about holistic health and essential oils

Please join Mary for an upcoming class or better yet, the entire series on Holistic Wellness. 


The series is being offered throughout the month of August at a variety of times.  Please see the descriptions below for dates and times. Each class will be held in the community meeting room at the HUB.  The classes are $15 each or $50 for the series of four.  The class fee includes your choice of a premium beverage from the HUB Café (up to $5 value).  Yum!  Each class will offer special gifts and drawings for fabulous prizes including oils, wellness consults and scans.  CALL Mary at 920.838.6315 to register.  Payment due upon registration.  In the event you are unable to attend a credit will be given for future classes if we are notified at least 24 hours prior to scheduled date.  

 Class One – The Basic of Essential Oils

Offered Tuesday 8/8 at 6 pm and Sunday 8/13 at 1 pm
Join us to learn about the power of plants, barks, spices, fruits and more.  We will learn about essential oils, why they work, how they are extracted, what you can do with them and how they may assist you with your health concerns.  Whew!  That’s a lot.  Trust me, it will be fun too.

Class Two – Mood Management

Offered Tuesday 8/15 at 6 pm and Sunday 8/20 at 1 pm
Anyone out there ever have a bad day?  Some times things are just plain irritating, other times circumstances can put you into a funk all day!  On those days, would you have liked a tool to get you out of that funk?  Well, essential oils can help.  Learn about why aroma has such a positive effect on your body and mind, learn about key oils that facilitate mood change…there is science behind this.

Class Three – Pain Management

Offered Tuesday 8/22 at 6 pm and Sunday 8/27 at 1 pm
Do you have an achey-breaky part?  I know I do!  Pain, especially when chronic can change people.  Many times we are prescribed pain killers, when you need them, you need them.  But over the recent years, we’ve seen a great rise in pain killer addiction.  Allow us to share some anatomy, statistics, and essential oil options to manage that achey-breaky part.

Class Four – Back to School Immune System Support

Offered Tuesday 8/29 at 6 pm and Sunday 9/3 at 1 pm
Join us to learn the parts of your body that govern your immune system and how they work.  We will also share specific oils and other factors that will strengthen your immune system.  Sharing is a good thing, except when it’s a cold or flu your child brings home from school.
About Mary ...
Mary spent 20 plus years in corporate America where she obtained her bachelor and master degrees in business.  When she left her director position, she went back to school to receive her masters in oriental medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbs).  Over the last 15 years, she has layered many other disciplines, certifications and healing modalities on top of her degrees. She has taught for many years, including anatomy & physiology, ethics, and business on a college level.  Mary loves to take complex subjects and make them easier to understand.  Mary and her husband Rob teach many classes together (Rob is a retired massage therapist and all-around smart guy!)

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