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Decorative Clay Relief Tile
Seranya Studios Art Boutique

Decorative Clay Relief Tile

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Spend the day creating your own decorative relief tile you can use to adorn any room in your house. The morning is a hands-on session learning and using the basic techniques to create your own unique relief tile.  When everyone is done, we'll take a break for lunch while your tile dries.  

Lunch can be purchased off the menu and includes a wide variety of specialty drinks, coffees, sandwiches, paninis, soups, quiche, and more!  Click here to view the menu.

The afternoon will be spent painting and decorating your tiles using different techniques and underglazes. If you don't have experience, don't worry!  I'll guide you in the techniques and help select glazes to achieve your desired look.

All materials needed for this project will be furnished but feel free to bring clay tools with you if you have them. 

Plan on bringing an apron and pictures or objects of things you might like to make.  Flowers or pictures of birds and other simple creatures work well.

Cost $65 includes clay and underglazes.  Lunch is purchased separately. Minimum of 5 participants required.  

Register by calling 920-893-9000 or register online.

All pieces made during this class will be taken back to my studio to dry slowly and be fired.  They'll be fired a second time after a clear glaze has been applied.  I'll contact you when the finished pieces are ready for pick up at the gallery.

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